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Eve Mungai addresses pregnancy reports

Content creator Mungai Eve has again had to address the growing speculation she is expecting.

In the latest encounter, the popular YouTuber held a question and answer session on her Instagram stories, and the issue of whether a seed has been planted in her featured prominently.

“What can you say about (the) pregnancy rumuors?” a nosy fan posed.

“They (will have to) wait (for) nine months and see whether I will deliver,” she responded.

The inquiries come in the wake of what hawk-eyed fans suggest are changes to the pint-size beauty’s belly.

The YouTuber has on several occasions had to rubbish these reports.

“The rumuors have been there since last year,” she observed in a May 2021 interview.

“I’m also wondering because if it would be a normal pregnancy it would have been out. Getting kids is a blessing and I would be happy If I were pregnant but for now, I am not.”

“Getting pregnant requires financial and psychological preparedness. So I’m not considering getting kids. I still want to concentrate on my career,”

Asked whether her boyfriend who doubles up as her director is okay with the decision, Eve explained she got the advice from him.