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Eve Mungai loses YouTube verification in battle for digital assets in breakup split

Content creator Eve Mungai has been ousted from her own YouTube channels and Facebook account by her former partner, Director Trevor.

The couple, who had been romantically involved for nearly five years, have reportedly parted ways both personally and professionally.

Director Trevor took the bold step of removing Mungai’s name from their popular YouTube channels and Facebook page, effectively stripping her of her role in managing these platforms.

This includes the Insta Fame YouTube channel, boasting over 100,000 subscribers, and a Facebook page with 847,000 followers, which were previously co-owned by the couple.

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Mungai, known for her captivating content, has made significant contributions to the success of their YouTube channels. Her coverage of various topics, particularly in the entertainment sphere, has garnered widespread attention and earned her a dedicated following.

The talented content creator rose to prominence during the 2020 lockdown when she launched her YouTube channel, quickly gaining traction with viral coverage of events such as the Machakos Gengetone Festival.

Her brand of storytelling that amplifies unheard voices has been commendable, with notable contributions to the recognition of emerging artists like Madocho, Liyetin, and Stupid Boy.

Despite Mungai’s achievements, Director Trevor has been credited as a driving force behind her success.

Serving as her director, producer, editor and photographer, Trevor played a pivotal role in inspiring Mungai to establish her own channel.

Before their separation, Mungai’s YouTube channel reportedly generated impressive earnings, with monthly salaries surpassing Sh1.5 million, putting her to millionaire status at just 21 years old.

After the breakup, Trevor has rebranded their YouTube channels under the name “Kenya Online Media”. This comes with its own disadvantages.

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Additionally, insider sources from Nairobi News disclosed that prior to the rebranding, Director Trevor took the initiative to remove Mungai from their online WhatsApp group and channel three days ago.

Mungai is currently on a solo holiday in Dubai.

What happens following a rebranding or name change on a YouTube page?

  1. Verification status may be removed, affecting the channel’s credibility and visibility.
  2. Viewership may decline if consistent content creation is not maintained, potentially leading to a loss of audience engagement.
  3. Subscribers may unsubscribe following the rebranding, particularly after the release of the first episode under the new name, such as “Kenya Online Media.”
  4. Mungai is currently engaged in influencer activities, exploring new avenues beyond their previous collaborations.
  5. Logos and branding elements were removed from content on Facebook, aligning with the rebranding efforts.

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What are the disadvantages of having a verified YouTube channel?

When a channel is verified on YouTube, it signifies that it belongs to an official creator, artist, company, or public figure.

Verification helps differentiate these channels from others with similar names. It’s important to note that verified channels do not receive additional features on YouTube, nor do they signify awards, milestones, or endorsements from the platform.

Once a channel is verified, it will remain so unless the channel name is changed.

If the channel name is altered, the verification status will be removed, and reapplication will be necessary.