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Ex Foreign Affairs PS shares insights of his retirement

Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Macharia Kamau has shared part of his activities after retirement.

Amb Kamau, who served as the PS from 2018, was appointed by former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sharing a photo of a bottle of alcohol and some in a glass in what looked like an entertainment joint, Kamau tweeted, “Retirement🔥. Sweet as honey. There is nothing like a guiltless beer🍺 at sunset in #TheGreatKanairo after an easy but productive day! We enjoy and grow! Our country needs to be accorded its respect forever and ever.”

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Last year, Amb Kamau caused an online frenzy after claiming that Kenyans were not submissive enough while in the Arab countries.

While weighing on the rampant cases of Kenyans being stranded in the Middle East, the PS said, “Kenyans do not have the humility to work in some areas.”

He would then stress that there were employment opportunities in the Middle East, but Kenyans had to practice humility.

“In countries like Saudi Arabia, their traditions around housework are very ancient. So you find that the people who suffer the terrible beatings and abuse are house helps,” he said.

Further, the PS would also wonder why there were no cases of victimization amongst Kenyans working in transport and hospitality.

This was unsettling with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), who termed him insensitive as Kenyans who worked in those countries constantly called out for help.

However, Amb Kamau advised parliamentarians to reflect on the categories of labour for export.

“We have to ask ourselves if we are exporting the right category of personnel and do they have the right training to understand that culture before they leave and go work there.”

Over the years, sad and heart-wrenching stories of Kenyans facing inhumane deeds in the Middle East have hit the headlines, with families crying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for rescue.

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