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Ex-High school teacher accused of murder to remain in custody

A high school teacher accused of killing a student will remain in custody for seven more days after her lawyers failed to share the required evidence with the deceased family as required by court.

Elizabeth Wairimu Gatimu, a former Deputy Principal of Gatanga CCM Secondary School, is accused of killing Ebbie Noelle Samuels, a form one student at the school, in 2019.

She appeared at a Kiambu court on February 27, 2023, for the hearing of her bail application pending hearing and determination of the case.

Kiroko Ndegwa, the deceased family’s lawyer has called for a speedy conclusion to the matter.

“So the court has directed that in all fairness, and in the best interests of justice to have the submissions to be shared to all the parties. We have been told to submit all the information to court,” said Ndegwa.

Wanjiru’s Samuels, Ebbie’s mother, told Nairobi News she is hopeful justice will be served.

“I want justice for my daughter to be served and I pray as she stands there in the court on March, 8 she will remember my child died that same day,” said Ms Samuels.

On January, 31, 2023 Ms Gatimu appeared before Kiambu Deputy Registrar Sylvia Motari and was expected to undergo a mental assessment before plea.

On March 20, 2019, Wanjiru received a call from Ebby’s school informing her that her daughter was unwell and had been taken to a nearby hospital.

When she got to Naidu Hospital in Thika, she found the body of her daughter with a swollen stomach.

“Upon inquiring, the school told me that Ebby had fallen off from her bed at night and was rushed to the hospital,” she said then.

Ms Gatimu will appear before Kiambu court on March, 8, 2023.

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