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Ex-hubby of Papa Shirandula actress Kawira reveals why their marriage crumbled

Gospel music producer Ephantus Wahome Safari, the ex-husband to Papa Shirandula actress Kawira has spoken out on why their marriage crumbled.

Ephantus wed Kawira, born Joy Furaha Karambu, in 2014 in an elaborate ceremony.

They were the picture of happiness even as they prepared to welcome children three years after marrying.

However, six years into the marriage, it all came tumbling down.

Kawira revealed she walked out of her marriage saying they hadn’t been compatible and endured years of irreconcilable differences.

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Ephantus Safari and Kawira
Ephantus Safari and Kawira during happier times. PHOTO | COURTESY

In June 2022, she claimed the marriage was not a happy one and she needed to find other avenues of happiness.

During this time, Ephantus was not as vocal as Kawira in making media rounds talking about her broken marriage.

This, however, changed on October 10, 2022, when he took to social media with a long post to explain why their marriage ended.

Below is his narration:

“Happy utamaduni day! Marriage is sacred and no one gets into it with a second thought.

On 22nd November 2014, I said ‘Yes. I do’ to the love of my life at a colourful wedding attended by friends and family.

I met my wife at a function, we had given her an opportunity to MC. We courted less than a year and boom, ’The wedding’. Marriage is an institution, you work it out.

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Ephantus Safari and Kawira
Ephantus Safari and Kawira during happier times. PHOTO | COURTESY

No one is perfect and both parties have a role to play. I did not marry an actress neither did she marry a businessman and if I did marry an actress, you have the answer to why she is running from one media house to another.

She married Ephantus, she saw my gifting and that is why she encouraged and introduced me to her bishop friends in Meru for ordination as a pastor in 2017,” Safari began.

He went on to narrate that his wife had a strong attachment to her mother whom she insisted on continuing to live with and provide for.

Safari said Kawira was not ready to leave her mother to be a wife and traditionally, men don’t live with their mothers-in-law.

Despite this, he allowed the living arrangement and claims to regret it to date.

“The first two years were really difficult for both of us having to counter pressures from family and friends. We tried to conceive with no results.

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Ephantus Safari and Kawira
Ephantus Safari and Kawira during happier times. PHOTO | COURTESY

I encouraged my wife as we sought the help of a doctor. I walked with her throughout the treatment and finally, God came through.

She conceived and sadly again, it was a blighted ovum. We had to terminate. We prayed and trusted God as we were going on with treatment.

God rewarded us with triplets. I accompanied my wife to all her clinics and in the 32nd week, we were informed one baby had succumbed. It was tragic for us but thank God for the doctors who saved my twins,” added Safari.

He went on to provide for his family as well as the extended family only to be rewarded with an empty home. Kawira packed up and left while he was still at work.

“I loved Joy with all my heart. I have engraved my kids’ initials on my arm. I inflicted pain to heal the pain of missing my lovely children. I have requested co-parenting she has declined.

I tried to reach out, sent friends, and called her but my calls went unanswered. For the past two years until the date she started doing rounds on social media, I did not know why my family left.

I am psychologically tortured, as she has kept our kids, whom I visited 5 times a day at MP Shah hospital when she was in the house recovering. Rev Lilian Young, a family confidant can attest to this,” Safari continued.

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Actress Joy Karambu and her husband Pastor Ephantus Wahome. PHOTO | COURTESY
Actress Joy Karambu and her husband Pastor Ephantus Wahome. PHOTO | COURTESY

He revealed that Kawira’s accusations against him damaged his reputation and his businesses. He also accused her mother of being against their marriage from the beginning and misadvising Kawira.

“In my pre-marital counselling, I learned that there are no perfect marriages. Mine wasn’t to be perfect and if yours is, then we give glory back to God.

Challenges are there, some I can’t write, they are so personal that if I do rounds mentioning it might affect even our growing children.

As alleged by my wife, we were not compatible. And if that is the case, kindly let’s move on.

Clout chasing with me may not help much, instead, our kids will one day question you on why you deprived them of the love and support of their father. I wish you well and all the grace to overcome every obstacle,” concluded Safari.

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