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Ex-KCB boss accused: Hired hitman, stalked, and committed wife to mental hospital

By Hilary Kimuyu December 7th, 2023 2 min read

Former Kenya Commercial Bank executive Leonard Thuo Mwithiga is facing serious legal trouble in the United States, where he was arrested on Monday, December 4, for allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife in Connecticut.

The shocking case has unveiled a history of abuse and control, as detailed in court documents.

Mwithiga reportedly used multiple Uber rides between September 9 and December 1 to discuss his wife with drivers, referring to her as “evil.”

The former bank executive allegedly requested the Uber driver to find a “hitman” to kill her slowly, potentially through injection “with something to make her very sick, ‘Like a cancer’.”

“Mwithiga stated that he was ‘very, very mad, I need someone who is a killer,’” the documents showed.

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Court documents describe Mwithiga’s derogatory comments about his wife, labeling her as “crazy, mentally unstable, and emotional,” claiming she had turned their children against him.

The victim, interviewed by the police, revealed a tumultuous 22-year relationship in Kenya, marked by physical abuse and threats.

In September 2022, she and their two children fled Kenya due to safety concerns.

However, a year earlier, when attempting to leave the country, Mwithiga filed a police report that resulted in her being committed to a mental health facility, preventing her departure.

Despite Mwithiga’s apology and reconciliation after her release, the abuse allegedly persisted, including physical violence and threats with a knife.

The victim resorted to hiding knives to protect herself and her son. In September 2023, Mwithiga sought legal action to return the children to Kenya, and the victim discovered he had hired private investigators to surveil their son.

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The alarming situation escalated on December 4 when Mwithiga, an Uber driver, and an undercover state police sergeant engaged in a conversation allegedly lasting an hour and a half.

During this meeting, Mwithiga purportedly agreed to pay Sh45,000 ($300) to the undercover officer and Sh15,000 ($100) to the Uber driver to orchestrate the murder.

The plan involved having the victim snort “pure fentanyl” disguised as cocaine during a staged date.

Mwithiga allegedly requested the hit to occur between January 28 and February 3, aligning with his planned presence in Kenya.

Additionally, he is accused of agreeing to wire Sh613,400 ($4,000) to the Uber driver, who would then pass it on to the hitman upon completion of the crime.

Charged with criminal attempt murder with special circumstances, conspiracy, and witness intimidation, Mwithiga’s bond was set at $5 million.

If released on bond, he will be subject to stringent conditions, including surrendering his passport, GPS monitoring, and house arrest.

A protective order has been issued, and the judge has deemed Mwithiga an “extreme flight risk.” His next court appearance is scheduled for January 26, 2024.