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Ex-Machachari actor Almasi reveals secret to glowing skin

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene, popularly known as Almasi, has revealed the secret to his ever-glowing skin.

In a post on his Instagram page, the former thespian revealed that he had a spiritual uncle who takes care of him every day and is the reason his skin is glowing.

Nene added that his spiritual uncle, a Caucasian man, has been keeping him away from negativity and helping him maintain positive vibes in his life.

“Surround yourself with saintly people who can purify you and let you grow, rather than fill you with dirt and negative vibes,” he posted on his Instagram page.

The former child actor, who featured on the popular Machachari programme that used to air on citizen tv, has often been criticised for his weird fashion style and tattoos on his feet.

In 2020, he hinted that he had joined the LGBTQ community which has been widely embraced and accepted in the UK where he currently resides.

Nene, however, said he does not care much about the criticism as he embraces it and it makes him feel special.

“Anytime you try to rise to the top, there is always going to be people trying to bring you down. If someone is not saying it to your face and using a social media platform to tell you something bad or something rude or negative, then don’t pay attention to it. If someone truly means something negative, they should have the confidence to say it to your face. If it is something they can’t say to your face, straight up, then you don’t need to care about it,” he said.

He converted to Hinduism back in 2018 saying his life had changed for the better and that he had found peace, love and joy in the Bhagavad Gita.