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Ex-Machachari star Baha allegedly involved in scamming scandal

Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha from the local drama series Machachari, has been exposed for his alleged involvement in a scamming scandal. 

The controversy began when a social media user, Nurse Judy, came forward claiming that the actor had failed to repay money he owed her. Subsequently, other individuals also stepped forward with similar grievances.

Nurse Judy had accused Baha of conning her out of Sh20,000 after initially asking for Sh62,000. The US-based content creator and medical practitioner revealed that Baha had reached out to her pleading for financial assistance due to his supposed financial difficulties and impending eviction. 

She shared screenshots of their conversation, and upon Baha’s insistence, she decided to reach out to Georgina. Judy was taken aback when she saw Georgina living a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying herself at extravagant places, contradicting Baha’s claims of financial turmoil and an imminent eviction. Judy expressed her disbelief, saying;

“I was like huyu msichana hakai kama watu wanapitia shida. Because I remember when we were going through things, you don’t live your best life like that. Nikasema they can’t be evicted, and she’s looking like that. Vile niliona hivyo, ikabidi nitext Georgina. Nikasema ‘hey. I’m sorry to intrude, but are you guys being evicted?’. Because your husband reached out to me akitakaa nimkopeshe pesa, but from your Instastories I don’t feel like that could be the case.”

However, Baha’s wife, Georgina Njenga, disowned the eviction story when Nurse Judy contacted her.

Moreover, Nurse Judy alleged that Georgina disclosed to her that Baha frequently asks people for money to support his betting habit. Judy claimed, “Lakini nyumba imelipwa kila kitu iko covered na Georgina. So that’s what she told me, akaniambia if he asked you for money it was not money to help us and the family, it was money to help himself.”

Georgina responded to Nurse Judy’s inquiry, revealing that she was unaware of any eviction plans, and also acknowledged Baha’s betting addiction, stating, “Hey, I’m not aware of anything of the sort, and no, we are not being evicted. Do you guys know each other? But he has been having a betting problem, but if anything, he did not borrow money to help us with anything, probably for him. He didn’t even tell me about this, and I pay all the bills. I feel so bad that he’s using our child to get money and just bet.”

In response to the allegations, Baha admitted that he was not okay and announced his intention to sell his Instagram and TikTok accounts. He wrote, “Selling My Instagram and TikTok accounts, DM your inquiries,” followed by “I’m not okay, I’m working on it.”

Meanwhile, it was noted that Baha and his baby mama had unfollowed each other on social media, suggesting a strained relationship between the two. The situation took another twist when Nurse Judy claimed that Baha was neglecting his responsibilities at home.

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