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Ex-NMG CEO tweeted this and everyone is panicking

By EDDY KAGERA February 9th, 2018 2 min read

Former Nation Media Group (NMG) chief executive officer Linus Gitahi has caused a stir on social media after tweeting an important fact about Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Mr Gitahi shocked many of his followers when he revealed that “Uganda and TZ are exporting more food to Kenya than any other point in history”.



He called for a “sober reflection and recalibration”. His tweet has been shared more than 1,800 and liked over 2,000 times.

Recent surveys have shown that many Kenyans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The most recent survey was in May 2017 that showed that at least seven out of 10 Kenyans were convinced the country was not heading in the right direction.


Most replies to Mr Gitahi’s tweet agreed with his assessment and offered their reasons as to why Uganda and Tanzania had outpaced Kenya.

Kenya is the economic powerhouse of the region although there are studies suggesting that regional countries are fast bridging the gap.

The IMF data last year put Kenya’s GDP at $75.1 billion, Tanzania’s at $ 51.2 billion and Uganda at $ 27.2 billion.
Here are a few reactions to Mr Gitahi’s tweet: