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Ex-NMS workers decry delayed salary payments

700 officers II and Constables who served under the now defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) are up in arms over what they say is unpaid monthly salaries stretching seven months.

The officers who spoke to Nairobi News, say they have not received their salaries despite working between December 2022 and July 2023, when their services were terminated. They are also demanding gratuity payments.

“We have been psychologically affected and feel tortured by the delayed salaries and failure to receive all our dues. Some of us have families that depend on us and now live in desperation and destitution as a result of the delayed compensation for the services we wholeheartedly rendered to the county. For instance, some have had their house items auctioned by landlords, locked out of rental houses, and their children unable to afford to go to school,” said NMS Enforcement Officers President Wabuyabo Flavian Alex.

The officer’s claim they last received their salaries in November 2022 and urged Governor Johnson Sakaja to intervene.

“We urge you to promptly rectify this situation by disbursing the outstanding salary payments owed to us for this period,” they said, in a statement.

Apart from the salaries, the officers are also demanding their leave payments.

“We would like to bring to your attention that leave allowance, which is an essential part of our compensation, has not been paid to any of the employees represented here since they were employed to work for the county. This is a violation of our employment and human rights. We humbly request that the leave allowance owed to us for this duration be paid without further delay,” the group added.

Early this year, Sakaja directed former NMS staff whose contracts expired to report to City Hall, and apply for permanent county posts.

“I directed that all former NMS enforcement officers whose contracts with NMS had expired to report back to work immediately and be paid their pending dues. We will give them first priority to apply for the permanent and pensionable jobs under the Nairobi County Government,” the Governor stated.

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