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Ex-street boy imitates Sonko, flaunts drawers full of cash on social media

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is trending on social media after a viral video showed him flaunting about Sh52 million in dollars and Kenyan shillings.

In the video, reported earlier by Nairobi News, he pulled aside two of the six gold-plated aluminium boxes.

Inside, he revealed Sh50 million in American dollars and Sh2 million in Kenyan shillings, which he said was his change for fueling his cars.

“You say I don’t have money because I don’t help children. Who told you that a person over the age of 18 is a child? I have money, but not to spend on children. I have money to spend on my wives. Someone has to plan in this life. This is all two million for fuel.

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Over there is 50 million. This is all to buy fuel. Let me get more money to show you that I can insult people early in the morning. Who told you that people in this Kenya don’t have money? Let me take it out for you so you don’t think it’s fake,’ Mike Sonko said in the profanity-laced video.

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Hours later, an unnamed Kenyan identified as Dickson took to social media to show off drawers stuffed with Sh1,000 notes, just as Mike Sonko was flossing his money.

“The president of this city. Skiza sasa (listen up), I’ve already told you that everything I want to do is about money. I’m going to make a lot of money. Listen, this former street boy wanna go deeper. Whether you like it or not, I’m going to go deeper. Go deeper!

Everywhere I wanna live is gonna be surrounded by money. Nothing else. Money! Whether you like it or not or love me, it’s time for the truth. Reality. We are going to do it to excess,” began ‘Dickson’.

He later opened two drawers in a side cabinet to reveal overflowing bank notes, while also throwing money around on the floor at his feet to show that he had too much money to care where it landed or how he spent it. There was also a large pile of money on the couch beside him.

“Come. Here, I want all over, all draws must have money. Kila draw, what I want is money. I want money everywhere. Unaskia? This is the way I have chosen to live. Money!” concluded ‘Dickson’.

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