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Ex-wife seeks Sh400k monthly upkeep from Cabinet Secretary Wario

A woman has sued Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario for failing to pay her monthly upkeep of Sh 400,000 following the dissolution of their Muslim marriage four years ago.

Ms Kaltum Dima Guyo faults her former husband of failing to enforce her right to maintenance.

They got married in Kenya, never had children and consented to a divorce before the Supreme Court in England in 2012.

In her court papers, she claims that at the time of divorce their only matrimonial property, which was their house, was disposed off to settle debts.

She formerly worked as the executive secretary to the chief officer of the then Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC) before resigning in 1999 to join Dr Wario in Norwich city.

She was later employed at a museum in London, the Horniham, and supported him as well since he was pursuing his studies on a scholarship at the time.

She accuses him of refusing to assist her pursue a Law degree, infidelity and straining their marriage.

Through lawyer John Khaminwa, she told court that she initially sued him in a court in England, but he has ignored to file responses that is why she has filed the matter before a Kenyan Constitutional Court.

She wants the Cabinet Secretary compelled to make the said monthly payments which is inclusive of her rent, transport, food and grooming.

Here is how she itemised the monthly upkeep:

Rent for an appropriate residence in a suitable location within the city…….. Ksh 150, 000

Food…….. Ksh50, 000

Medical Expenses……..Ksh50, 000

Entertainment………..Ksh50, 000

Utility………….Ksh25, 000

She also claims that she supported Mr Wario for him to get to the position of a Cabinet Secretary.

High Court judge Isaac Lenaola directed the matter to be taken to the family division of the Court.