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Excessive bleeding from gunshot: Post-mortem reveals how anti-tax protester Rex Masai died

A post-mortem has confirmed that Rex Masai, a 29-year-old man shot by police during Thursday’s anti-Finance Bill protests, died from excessive bleeding.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Gillian Munyao, Rex’s mother, revealed that reports from both the government and the family’s pathologists indicated that Rex had sustained a fatal wound to his thigh, resulting in significant blood loss.

The post-mortem conducted on Friday was delayed for over four hours as the family waited for a file to arrive from the Central Police Station, prolonging their frustration.

“After the body was brought here yesterday (Thursday), we were told to be here (Nairobi City Mortuary) at 8am, which we did. But we have been waiting here for more than four hours and we are frustrated,” said Gillian Munyao, the deceased’s mother.

Rex’s body has now been taken to Lee Funeral Home for burial arrangements as calls for justice continue to grow.

His mother is demanding justice for her son’s death and believes in divine retribution.

“I am a mother who knows God and I do not want to return evil for evil. Let God fight for me,” she said.

The family and social justice movements are demanding accountability and justice in the wake of this tragic incident.