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Exciting times ahead for lovers of coffee, tea and chocolate in Nairobi

The premier global Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Festival (CTC Festival) is set to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from November 22-24.

By hosting the festival dubbed The Journey of Taste, which celebrates in one location the burgeoning of specialty coffees, ergonomic tea selection and chocolate lifecycle, Kenya will become the first country in Africa to do so.

The festival is expected to bring together more than 40,000 people in one venue to explore private trainings, innovation labs, interactive workshops, live stage shows among many other activities.

The three-day festival will also have education sessions on coffee tasting, making the best chocolate, tea brewing, as well as showcases of latte art, sensory experience, and a coffee cocktail bar.



General Manager of Four and One Worldwide Kenya, Obed Mutua, said they are excited to be showcasing all the coffee, tea and chocolate varieties that Kenya is able to offer to local, regional and global players.

“Participants will get the chance to meet world Barista Champions, producers, distributors of their favorite products, as well as enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, tea and favorite chocolate product,” Mutua said.

“We also have a championship segment with participants from across the region competing in four categories namely: National Latte Art Competition, National Barista Championship, National Chocolate Masters and an Art Competitions,” he added.



Coffee and tea industries have been among the key pillars of Kenya’s economy, being significant earners of foreign exchange for the economy and creating millions of jobs in the country.

However, the exposure of the industry to the world economy and other emerging challenges at home provide policy makers with a huge task to ensure this sector retains its relevance and importance to Kenya’s economy.

The CTC Festival has in the past been held in countries such as Qatar, Lebanon, India, China, Oman, among others.