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EXCLUSIVE: AFC Leopards player kidnapped, held hostage for hours

AFC Leopards striker Patrick Kagogo was on Saturday evening kidnapped and held hostage for over ten hours by criminals disguised as Nairobi County askaris.

During the ordeal, the 29 year-old Congolese player lost a smart phone worth Sh 35,000 and a further Sh 3,000 in cash.

The kidnappers also managed to negotiate get Sh4,500 with his father as ransom.

The incident has been reported at Central police station and booked as “THEFT REPORT” under OB 28/8/11/2014.


Kagogo narrated to Nairobi News how he was confronted by three men at Kenya Cinema area in the city centre at around 7:30 p.m on Saturday night.

The player was in a group of colleagues who were returning from a party organized by an AFC Leopards fan in Donholm estate.

“They asked for my identification which I handed over. Thereafter one of them held me by the collar and dragged me into what looked like a Nairobi County Government van parked nearby. While inside, they changed tone,” the left footed forward told Nairobi News.

“Suddenly one of them asked me for my phone, then he removed the sim card and threw it away. I sensed danger. He then demanded that I hand over my wallet which had about Sh 3,000.

“Then, he said I should call my friends and relatives and ask them to send money in exchange for my freedom. I called my dad who sent some money, I think Sh 4,050,” he narrated.

Nairobi News has seen  a message of the money transfer.


According to Kagogo, the kidnappers made rounds in the city throughout the night during which they managed to also kidnap three other people.

The striker was eventually released in Huruma estate, along Juja road.

“I am shocked by this incident. These people had guns and kept on smoking some substances I don’t know. I thank God for saving my life. I need a rest,” Kagogo concluded.