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EXCLUSIVE: All about Size 8 and DJ Mo’s ‘Love in the Wild’ reality show

Linet Munyali, widely known as Size 8, has revealed details about the upcoming reality show ‘Love in the Wild,’ where she features alongside her husband, DJ Mo.

Set to premiere on TV 47 at 8 PM as part of the channel’s fresh lineup of original, unscripted programming starting this Sunday, February 11, ‘Love in the Wild’ promises an exhilarating viewing experience.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the mother of two shed light on the show’s title, explaining its symbolic significance.

“The name ‘Love in the Wild’ symbolizes the challenges couples face in the wild, mirroring the trials and tribulations of modern relationships. Despite the adversities, love thrives just like creatures thrive in the wild,” she explained.

Addressing the production aspect, Size 8 highlighted that while the outdoor experience requires significant investment, meticulous planning helps manage costs effectively.

“Production cost for the whole project was average because it’s an out door experience which requires a lot of input but with proper planning we manage costs,” she said.

Distinguishing ‘Love in the Wild’ from other reality shows she has participated in, Size 8 emphasized the incorporation of the wild element into the filming process.

“We will be the couple hosts, alongside other cast members and we will be venturing into the wild, guiding adventurous couples through thrilling outdoor challenges while sharing tales of love and challenges in marriages,” she said.

Reflecting on fame, Size 8 acknowledged both its positive and negative aspects, noting the importance of embracing both sides.

“Fame comes with its challenges, but I’ve learned to focus on the positive aspects while filtering out negativity,” she said.

The news of their return to television was shared by The Murayas on their social media platforms through an engaging short clip.

In the video, DJ Mo humorously expresses his concern about Size 8 having the opportunity to reveal all his secrets, initiating a playful banter between the couple.

“A new dawn has opened, na nakuambia itakuwa noma sana (I’m telling you it will be off the charts),” said Muraya, showcasing his enthusiasm for the upcoming reality series.

Size 8 echoed the excitement, adding to the anticipation as the show is set to premiere in February.

The couple’s banter in the video revolves around a playful disagreement about money, with Muraya emphasizing the sensitivity of men to financial matters.

Despite Size 8’s reassurance, DJ Mo humorously remarks, “Ile aibu utaniweka huku mungu wangu. (The shame you will put me through, my God).”

The teaser clip also provides Kenyan fans with a sneak peek into the family’s fun moments during shooting, building anticipation for the content that awaits viewers.

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