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Exclusive: Andrew Kibe’s pastor BFF spill secrets from his past

Daniel Wabala Wesonga has seen it all when it comes to the controversial content creator Andrew Kibe. But before Kibe became a household name in Kenya, he was just a lost soul looking for solace in God.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Wesonga revealed that he met Kibe years back when he approached him seeking guidance on certain things about the Bible.

As a pastor at Faith Chapel, Wesonga took Kibe under his wing, and they began worshipping together at a church in Lang’ata.

Prophet Danial Wesonga with Andrew Kibe as the chairman of a local church before he became a controversial content creator. PHOTO| COURTESY

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“I was a pastor at Faith Chapel. I am still a pastor and a prophet even today but based in Western Kenya,” he said.

Asked how the two met, Wesonga, who is also a publisher, said Kibe wanted to find solace in God.

“When he came to me, he wanted to know certain things about the bible.

Andrew Kibe and Robert Burale were leaders of a local church together with Daniel Wesonga. PHOTO| COURTESY

After sometimes worshiping together in a church based in Lang’ata, Wesonga says that Kibe told me he was not comfortable at the church he was.

“We opened a church and I made him a chairman, Robert Burale was a pastor while Rozina Mwakideu was a praise and worship team member,” he said, adding that he even baptized Kibe.

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Wesonga further alleges that Kibe wanted to be a pastor, but he stopped him.

“I told him his time was not yet. He was the one responsible in making the church announcements.”

Prophet Danial Wesonga with Andrew Kibe as the chairman of a local church before he became a controversial content creator. PHOTO| COURTESY

The two would later relocate to India but return bankrupt.

“Kibe then wanted us to relocate in Rwanda since we had so many debts after coming to Kenya,” he said.

In the midst of their struggles, they started producing content, and Kibe was eventually hired by NRG radio, where Wesonga worked as a producer.

However, Kibe’s personal life was in shambles as he went through a divorce, and his first wife died of depression.

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Despite his controversies, Wesonga describes Kibe as a responsible dad who hustles to take care of his family.

Prophet Daniel Wesonga and Andrew Kibe meet Raila Odinga. PHOTO| COURTESY

Asked to describe Kibe, Wesonga said Kibe is a humble person who is hustling to take care of his family.

“Kibe’s mother is a prophet and is a servant of God. Kibe’s character is just a persona we created and nobody should take it seriously,” he said.

Despite Kibe relocating to the US, Wesonga says they are still on good terms.

“Kibe relocated [to the US] since he hurt most of the brands he was working with and had to look for an alternative and that is why he relocated,” he said.

Prophet Daniel Wesonga with his Uvumbi team. PHOTO| COURTESY

Today, Wesonga runs a publishing company in Kenya that published a leadership book titled, ‘Rediscovering Pearl Servanthood.’

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