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Exclusive: Baha – ‘Don’t Give Up’ song was not about me chasing clout

Four days ago, musicians Lexsil and Jovial released the video of the song, Don’t Give Up, which starred actor Baha, born Tyler Mbaya, and his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga. The audio had been released one month ago.

The song is about cancer and successful treatment through early screening and diagnosis. Baha and Georgina star as the acting cast who are going through the phases of Georgina’s blood cancer diagnosis and Baha struggling with taking care of her.

In the song, Baha is encouraged not to give up on Georgina, who eventually succumbs to the ailment inspite of Baha’s efforts to see her get the treatment necessary.

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Towards the end of the song, Baha can be seen crying on Georgina’s grave and his friends comforting her. He then goes through the motions of grief and in the end, takes his own life too.

The timing of the release of the music video caused uproar because Baha was in the middle of being exposed for being a gambling addict who scammed people for money using nonexistent life problems; and not paying back the loans.

Now, the actor has stated that the release of the video was not about chasing clout. In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News on Friday, Baha said his addiction is not a means for him make the song become a hit.

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“The artistes had scheduled to release the song that same week, and maybe, I don’t know, if they took advantage of the situation… That’s not my part to say but they released it without any communication with me. I only saw the video after it was released and it wasn’t about clout chasing. So yes, it wasn’t about kiki. That’s why I’m here trying to clarify the situation,” said Baha.

He revealed that he spoke to both Lexsil and Jovial after the release of the song and they simply told him the song had already been released and there was nothing they could do about it.

The actor also confessed that everything that was exposed for in the screenshots by Nurse Judy was true and that he is now seeking help for his gambling addiction.

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