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Exclusive: Boutross – “There’s no Angela, the name came up as I was free-styling”

‘Angela’ crooner Boutross has set the record straight in an exclusive interview about his chart-topping track.

The artist revealed the true story behind the hit song, along with some candid confessions about his personal life and the many misconceptions that surround him.

“There’s no one called Angela. Angela was just a name that sounded so good while I was freestyling. When the beat was bumping, the name Angela just kind of rolled off my tongue smoothly. The name ‘Angela’ was not specific to any woman in my life, we just used it to refer to women in general. Many women assume that Angela is someone specific in my life, but there’s no Angela,” Boutross disclosed in an interview with Nairobi News.

The revelation that ‘Angela’ is not a real person might come as a shock to fans who speculated about the muse behind the song. According to the artist, the name was simply a creative choice, adding a universal appeal that resonated with listeners. Boutross’s knack for turning a simple freestyle into a relatable hit is a display of his artistic flair and understanding of what clicks with the audience.

Contrary to his “bad boy” image, Boutross claims he is far from the playboy people imagine him to be. Instead, he’s on the lookout for a serious relationship and hopes to find a wife.

“Apparently, to many women I am a bad boy. It’s my curse. But it’s all rumours because I am a good boy. I am innocent. I am actually hoping to get someone to settle with. I am looking for a wife,” Boutross admitted with a chuckle.

Acknowledging his good looks and their advantages, Boutross didn’t shy away from talking about his experiences with women. He often gives shout-outs to various women in his songs, which adds a personal touch and broadens his appeal. His interactions with women, both known and unknown, fuel his music and add depth to his lyrics, he confessed.

“It’s not that I have slept with every girl, but from my experience with women, there are perks to being handsome. In my songs, I like giving shout outs to the women in my life, and even those I have encountered in my journey. I have a lot of experience with women I have never shared.”

However, in a previous interview with Kiss 100, the rapper admitted to never being open to dating his fans. The ‘shrap’ artist highlighted his type of women, giving a clear picture of what he is attracted to as well as his boundaries when it comes to interacting with fans.

“Yeah girls love me and I love them too! I’d like to think of myself as a lover boy. Ata siwapendi sana, I love them more than love itself,” he said candidly. The ‘Miss Behaviour’ hitmaker went on to reveal that he would never get entangled with any of his fans, adding that he actually prefers his women older than him.

If you are wondering where the cutting point starts off, it is above 30-years of age. “I cannot date any of my fans, at all! I just can’t,” Boutross matter-of-factly stated.