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EXCLUSIVE: Brown Mauzo hits out at fake friends

Musician Brown Mauzo has delved into the issue of authenticity on social media especially when it comes to posthumous tributes.

Mauzo in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News shared his perspective on the matter, expressing frustration with the tendency of some individuals, particularly celebrities, to shower praises on the departed without extending the same sentiments while they are alive.

However, he emphasized the contrast between the genuine affection from fans and what he perceives as insincere displays of love from public figures after someone has passed.

“People show love once when one is dead. Most fans who are genuine and, when they don’t like you, will post exactly that. Public figures show love more when one is dead, yet they have never shown love or support.”

In a post on his socials, Mauzo expressed his desire for genuine love and appreciation while he is still alive, rather than receiving tributes posthumously.

“To my social media family, If I die, don’t post me on social media about how much you loved me. Don’t talk about what we had. If you genuinely do, call / text or DM me now and tell me how you feel about me… Show me now. Love me now.”

Mauzo, who recently separated from baby mama Vera Sidika, illustrated his point by referencing Mombasa-based artiste Ally B, stating that the late musician’s music started trending only after his passing.

During the interview, the singer addressed speculations that some of his messages on social media were directed towards his ex-wife, Vera Sidika.

Mauzo vehemently denied trolling his exes and clarified that if he has anything to say to them, he prefers to communicate directly.

“I don’t troll my exes; if there is anything I want to say to them, I face them or do that on the phone. I express my feelings on social media but not to attack anyone. The moment you were together, you only talked about the good things about them; why should you shade them? It doesn’t make sense.”

Mauzo acknowledged that he is affected by some of the messages posted to troll him but emphasized the importance of genuine love, stating:

“If someone doesn’t love you, they will never talk about you. It is just a matter of time. People do so much when they are angry, but they might end up regretting it. Family love will always be love.”

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