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Exclusive: Bryan Kabugi opens up on his bond with the late Charles Ouda

Kenyan actor and former ‘Machachari’ star Bryan Kabugi has recently spilled the beans on his special connection with the late Charles Ouda, and it’s enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

The rising star of the Netflix hit crime series “Volume” opened up about how celebrated actor the late Ouda, known for his magnetic presence on screen and his nurturing spirit off it, played more than just a role in his life. According to Kabugi, he was a mentor, a colleague, and, above all, a friend.

“Charles Ouda was a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. He was my coach in several masterclasses we had, but most recently, we were cast as father and son in the second season of Salem, which we played for over the past 12 months or so. That’s where our bond really grew tighter. Both as friends and colleagues,” Kabugi revealed.

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Their on-screen chemistry as father and son in “Salem” wasn’t just acting. It was a reflection of the deep bond they shared. But it wasn’t all lights, camera, and action; Kabugi reminisced about the moments behind the scenes when Ouda’s wisdom and encouragement lifted him up, showing that true friendship knows no bounds, even in the cutthroat world of showbiz.

“The most memorable moments I had with Charlie were both on and off set. He always took any chance he had to motivate and inspire me. He truly believed in the younger generation of actors. He believed we had so much potential,” he shared.

Speaking about his latest body of work, “Volume”, Kabugi, who in the crime series takes up the character of ‘Benja’, the protagonist, said that the show represents several hot topics that continue to plague society.

He divulged, “VOLUME the series is a vivid example of the life and challenges many young people face in this day and age. It not only highlights the aspect of crime but also shows WHY young people get into crime. It’s also layered with multiple issues young people face in our society, such as IDENTITY ( this is highlighted by the sad and tragic story of the character Smallz), effects of domestic violence and toxic families on children, which is highlighted by the character IVY.”

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Kabugi gives credit where it’s due, praising the visionary minds behind “Volume,” including writer Mona Ambogo and director Tosh Gitonga, whose creative genius brings these complex narratives to life.

Their collaboration has birthed a masterpiece that not only entertains but also sparks important conversations about the struggles faced by today’s youth.

He added, “Consequences of drugs and substance abuse are highlighted by the characters Tania and Castro. The price to pay when chasing a dream from the ghetto is highlighted by Benja, among many other issues. VOLUME was perfectly written to touch on all of these sensitive issues affecting young people. Props to Mona Ambogo, our amazing writer, and Tosh Gitonga the director of this series.”