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EXCLUSIVE! Bunge la Mwananchi to discipline two members for defamatory remarks

Recently, a disturbing video surfaced across various social media platforms, capturing two unidentified individuals making derogatory remarks and issuing alarming threats against women who were peacefully protesting at Jevanjee Garden, a recognized gathering spot for Bunge la Mwananchi.

The video featuring the two individuals garnered the attention of thousands of viewers, triggering widespread calls for the immediate arrest of those responsible.

In the video, one of the men supposedly opposed to the peaceful protests by women advocating for an end to extreme cases of femicide is seen and heard screaming unprintable words at the protestors.

In the video, one man could be heard objecting to the peaceful women’s protests, claiming that men have also suffered at the hands of women who allegedly extort their money.

Another man standing nearby supported him, insisting that they would end the lives of women.

“Let me tell you, I cannot take you to Pizza and spend my money… C’mon, No way. You will di*! You will di*! You women will di*, I’m telling you. You want a man’s money. You will di* a lot,” he added.

Responding to the video, Bunge la Mwananchi President Francis Awino in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News said that the grassroots movement will take action against the two.

Awino said that he is yet to meet with his members and the leadership to discuss and determine the appropriate punishment for the two individuals.

However, he hinted that the two individuals may face a temporary ‘expulsion’ and be prohibited from attending certain sessions, pending further deliberations with the members and leadership.

“It is very wrong and embarrassing to hear such comments from the two. Yes, they are our members but their statement was defamatory,” Awino told Nairobi News.

He conveyed Bunge la Mwananchi’s position on the escalating femicide in the country, asserting, “The unequivocal stance is that all women should be safeguarded.”

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