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EXCLUSIVE: Calvince Gaucho tells Jalang’o to ‘trim his arrogance’

Bunge la Mwananchi president Calvince Gaucho has warned Lang’ata lawmaker Jalang’o-born Phelix Odiwuor to trim his arrogance and ego saying he still has a long way to go in the world of politics.

Speaking Exclusively to Nairobi News, the aspiring politician said Jalang’o should be more careful on his political journey.

He noted that people might love him as a comedian but not as a politician.

“You know he might over-glorify himself right now seeing several people celebrate him. What he might not know is that some just celebrate or love him as a comedian,” Gaucho told Nairobi News.

Gaucho added that sticking to his party, the Orange Democratic Movement, (ODM) has several advantages.

“You know Luo’s are people who might love you today but vote against you next time.”

The vocal leader also noted that the comedian is now showing ‘disrespect’ to Mr Odinga who is his party leader.

“After meeting President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua in February, he began showbiz. He showed disrespect to what Odinga said. He even said that he will continue meeting Ruto. How do you say that before someone who held your hand?”

To Gaucho, Jalang’o missed it when he met Ruto and his Deputy.

“When Mr Odinga declared the Monday anti-government protest, he said that he would attend the demos if it’s gazetted. This was not in order.”

Jalang’o who won the parliamentary seat after garnering 38, 948 votes, beating the incumbent MP Nixon Korir, who polled 36,836 votes is a first-time lawmaker.

Prior to joining politics, he was a renowned radio presenter and master of ceremony. He also owned a popular YouTube channel.

He began his career as a radio presenter in 2004, where he worked alongside celebrated media personality Caroline Mutoko.

His political fallout with Mr Odinga has put him in the spotlight even as he has maintained he had to work with Presidenbt Ruto so as to bring development to his constituents.

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