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EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Mutoko, ‘I don’t regret leaving radio!’

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has revealed that she does not miss being on air and has never regretted leaving radio.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Mutoko said she gave radio her best.

“I don’t miss Radio. I gave my best at Kiss FM for 14 years and at Capital FM for four and a half years. We did the best we could for each other,” Mutoko told Nairobi News.

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Media personality Caroline Mutoko.
Media personality Caroline Mutoko. PHOTO COURTESY

She also revealed that although she left radio, she still enjoys listening to it.

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Mutoko also revealed that she does not miss being on air since she has found another way to speak to her audience in her new season.

“I have learned to lean on and embrace new seasons. I have also learnt to leave things when I am done with them.”

She said she has never thought of making a radio comeback because she is doing so well in her current career path.

“To be honest, if I wanted a radio experience, I would start a podcast. This is because a podcast is high-breed radio. If you are podcasting and you have your cameras there, you’ve got a fantastic meeting with your audience. I would do a podcast rather than returning to radio,” she added.

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Speaking of the experiences she has accumulated over the years, Mutoko said that she has learnt to listen to her inner voice.

“I have learnt that everything definitely happens for a reason. Sometimes the decision you are making may not be understood right away but you should stick with it,” she added.

So what was her transition like? Mutoko says that it’s been a journey of great adventures.

“It’s been nine years since I came out of radio. It was time and it’s been great. I am glad I did it. I know a lot of people were wondering what I was doing.

Some were like, ‘You have a very great show on radio!’. But I knew that that season for me was ending, and I needed to step into my new one.

And even now, I am going into another season. I think transition is important because it stops you from hating the life you lived. So far, transition has been excellent.”

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