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Exclusive: ‘Cebbie Koks was not invited!’ – source on Akothee’s wedding drama

Kenyan singer Akothee and her sister, Cebbie Koks, have had a long-standing feud that continues to make headlines.

Akothee recently married her Swiss fiancé, Schweizer Omosh, in a lavish ceremony, but Cebbie was noticeably absent, fueling further speculation about their relationship.

A close source revealed that Akothee never sent Cebbie Koks an invitation.

The source also emphasized that the discord between the two sisters is so deeply personal but they have prevented it from influencing their relationships with other family members.

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As a result, Akothee chose not to attend Cebbie Koks’ wedding, but her children were present at the event.

“She did not send an invitation to Cebbie. But the good thing is that their issues are so personal to them that they have not involved other family members. You see, like last year, Akothee missed out on Cebbie’s wedding but allowed her daughters to attend,” the source said.

After the wedding, Cebbie addressed the media speculation on Instagram, mocking bloggers for anticipating her comments on the wedding.

“How blogs be waiting for me to say a word so they can reshape to fit their narrative captioning with “Cebbie Koks breaks silence with a cryptic message,” she wrote.

Akothee and Cebbie’s strained relationship saw Akothee accuse the sister of being a parasite and a backstabber.

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Cebbie allegedly told her then-boyfriend that Akothee was not wealthy and only pretended to be rich for Instagram.

“She has nothing at all, not even enough to pay her kids’ fees. She hired two boys in 2017 for Akothee Safaris, but they never even went to computer or driving school. She has nothing.”

Leaked screenshots of Cebbie’s disparaging comments surfaced online. Through tea master Edgar Obare, Cebbie hinted that Akothee couldn’t even pay school fees.

Akothee later responded, directing her remarks towards unnamed family members, suggesting their attitude changed because she stopped giving them money.

“Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family problems apart from my parents and grandparents, I am hardly loved.

My family has no idea of my wealth or whereabouts; even if I die today, they have no idea who handles my will or bills. They are guests in my life. I respect and love my family very much, and the only way to maintain the relationship is to love them from afar since I have no option but to love them,” the mother of five stated.

In a past interview, Cebbie claimed to still be on good terms with Akothee, despite being exposed for badmouthing her to a lover.

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Akothee has also previously shared her story, claiming that fame tore them apart and that her family failed to intervene to mend their relationship.

She admitted to battling depression due to the feud and feeling abandoned by her family.

“My love for Akothee is crazy; she is more like my mother, and I grew up under her care. So I think there is nothing that can shake the bond between us—maybe death. Everything else is secondary to our bond, friendship, and relationship. She is someone I look up to, and I love and respect her so much,” said Cebbie.

Although the sisters have been unable to reconcile their differences, it remains to be seen if they can eventually repair their once-close bond.

In a previous post, Akothee delved into the ongoing feud with her sister, revealing the depth of their once-close relationship. She said, “I have no childhood friend; my sister has always been my only best friend despite the age difference, the laughter, the enjoyment, the fun…until fame tore us apart.”

Akothee continued, “I will not publicly break or damage my sister. I am not a vengeful person; I can’t destroy something I actively believed in, but I am human. My family failed to intervene multiple times, and the emotional wound deepened. The distance between me and my younger sister grew larger.”

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In an open Instagram post, Akothee shared her feelings of isolation when her entire family sided with her sister during their feud. She said the situation “broke me down but didn’t kill me.”

“No one reached out again; I was left to fight it alone. I struggled with depression for over six months, not knowing what was consuming me. While in the hospital, I learned that my sister accused me of pretending, which utterly devastated me.”

After recovering, the singer took the accusation to heart and wrote a strongly worded letter to her sister explaining why she was ending their relationship. Although she hesitated to send the letter, hoping they could fix things, nothing changed.

Akothee ultimately sent the letter to her sister on December 31, 2021, and blocked her. The loss of her friend was painful and difficult.

Six months later, they encountered each other at their brother’s wedding. Akothee’s sister said nothing, and their brothers urged Akothee to approach her first. Feeling offended, Akothee left her brother’s home.

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