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EXCLUSIVE: Cindy K reveals more details about her body sculpting procedure

Rising TikTok sensation Cindy Kipsang alias Cindy K has revealed more details about her body sculpting procedure. 

The content creator, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, said that many people are of the assumption that her procedure was a Brazilian butt lift surgery, which she is not the case, adding that she simply underwent a body sculpting procedure. 

“It’s called body sculpting. I want to clarify something because a lot of times people confuse body sculpting with a BBL. BBL is a Brazillian Butt Lift but with body sculpting this is your own body without any surgery or cuts and what they do is move the fat that is already in your own body to a different place,” Cindy explained.

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The young influencer also revealed that she has only done four sessions out of the eight that she was initially set to undergo saying that she achieved the body she desired by the fourth session. 

“I only went for four sessions. They recommended eight sessions but after four I felt sufficient and I was happy with what I had. I did not want to overdo it. I got where I wanted to be with my four sessions,” she said.

Cindy went on to state that she has always been honest with her audience, including matters to do with her body because she would not want to give young girls who look up to her the wrong idea of having a perfectly natural toned body.

TikTok content creator Cindy Kipsang before she had the butt lift. PHOTO | COURTESY

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“I am usually honest with my audience. It wouldn’t be nice if some girl somewhere saw me and they say they want to look like me, and they don’t know what procedures I have done,” she said. 

In June, Cindy revealed that she had her stomach reduced and had a butt lift, saying it is something that she wanted for herself because there were parts of her body that she did not quite like.

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“I went to Luxe Body Spa to get my body done. I got my stomach reduced and I got a butt lift. It was completely non-invasive. It does not hurt my body as it was not surgical at all,” she said.

The social influencer further said she is happy about getting her body done.

“I wanted to do it and it was something I did for me. I saw so many people out there criticizing it but it was for me and it made me happy,”

Cindy also explained why she opted to get a waist reduction and butt lift instead of exercising.

“I did have a small waist before the reduction, but there’s something called Fupa fat that can’t be reduced even when you exercise because many people were asking me why not exercise instead of going for a reduction. You can’t exercise that fat, you have to get it removed,” she said.


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