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Exclusive: Colonel Mustapha breaks silence after viral ‘mjengo’ video

Singer Colonel Mustafa has finally broken his silence after a video showing him working at a construction site went viral.

The undated video has sparked a wave of mixed reactions and emotions from netizens.

Many were shocked to see the famous musician doing manual labour and questioned the state of his music career.

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In response, some supporters called for an end to the trend of mocking former celebrities, arguing that they should be allowed to live their lives as they wish.

Colonel Mustafa spoke briefly to Nairobi News in a telephone interview, saying he was not feeling well.

He asked to speak later, leaving many fans wondering about his current situation.

“Siko poa, I am not doing well,” he said.

In 2022, Colonel Mustafa revealed that he was battling depression.

Colonel Mustafa explained that he suffered from depression for about two or three years after leaving the reality show and things went bad.

This revelation has highlighted the pressures of being a reality TV star and the need for better mental health support for those in the entertainment industry.

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In an interview with The Trend, the musician opened up about his struggles and how he had to disappear from social media for a while.

Since leaving the show, Colonel Mustafa has not released any new music for almost five years.

However, during the interview he revealed that he is working on a new album and that he is back in music.

However, some of the celebrities who commented on the video hinted that the singer was about to release a song.

Content creator 2Mbili said he was happy that Mustapha was finally making a video for the song ‘Mzee Lipunda’.

Weezdom also said a video was loading.

Another user, Baddie on a jewellery budget, took a more sympathetic approach, hoping for a comeback from the singer.

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