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EXCLUSIVE: Comedian Eddie Butita unveils vision to impact new stars

Content creator and renowned comedian, Eddie Butita, has recently shared his vision of using his talent to positively impact and nurture new stars in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the talented scriptwriter disclosed how he has been making efforts to uplift others and make a difference in their lives.

One of the notable ways Butita has been contributing to the growth of individuals is by providing opportunities and employment to over 100 people through his online team.

He takes pride in knowing that whenever he is out and about, he is positively impacting the lives of more than a hundred individuals.

This includes those he has directly employed and those he has helped find work elsewhere, setting in motion a chain of positive transformations.

Butita expressed his joy in knowing that the people he has supported are not just beneficiaries of his assistance but are also fervent well-wishers who pray for his well-being and continued success.

“Every day, these people pray for me to be healthy and to make more money. It is a natural process that has helped me discover my calling, which is to grow other people as comedians and creatives. My goal is to impact people’s lives and help them grow as well. That’s why, in everything I do, I must create new stars.”

While the details of Butita’s expansive vision are yet to be fully disclosed, he mentioned that it is a profound and ambitious undertaking that revolves around nurturing and elevating budding talents within the comedy industry.

“My vision is too great to explain right now.”

Eddie Butita gained popularity through his appearances on Churchill Show, under the mentorship of the  comedian Daniel Ndambuki, also known as Churchill.

In a recent milestone, Butita’s talent and prowess as a translator and director came to the fore when he played a significant role in translating and directing the Netflix show titled “Upshaw.”

In June, Eddie Butita became the subject of online discussions after a light-hearted remark from President William Ruto.

During the Kenya National Drama Festival State Concert at the State House, President Ruto humorously claimed that the comedian earns more than him.

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