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Exclusive: Daddy Owen speaks on ex’s reaction to search for kienyeji wife

By Winnie Mabel November 3rd, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan gospel singer Daddy Owen, born Owen Mwatia, spoke to Nairobi News on November 3, 2022, about his ongoing search for a new wife one year after his first marriage ended.

“After dating for so many years, being married and all that, I’ve discovered that a woman is that person who you build up and grow together. It has nothing to do with appearance,” said Daddy Owen.

“So now I’m at that point where I know that I am ready to settle down if I find someone. If she is a good person, we will settle down,”

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Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

The Vanity hitmaker recognized that the pressure to remarry is there, and it is also a normal expectation he has placed on himself to settle going by virtue of being 40 years old.

He has been single for the past three years.

At this time, he gave very specific characteristics of the kienyeji wife he was looking for and insisted he was not interested in light-skinned ladies.

“You see, one thing that has really helped me in my life is – I’ve been in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years, so one thing I learned when I was still very young was no matter what, in every story, there is an action and a reaction.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

So mostly, you get positive and negative. There are bullies on social media who will say all sorts of negative things, but they make me sleep well. Shade has never affected me. I’ve been here for so long.

I’ve failed in my career on things here and there, but I’ve also succeeded, so the moment you know everything comes with the positive and negative sides, you will need to be ready. My experience in the industry has taught me a lot,” Daddy Owen said regarding backlash he’s faced since he announced he was particularly looking for a dark-skinned kienyeji wife with a ‘box’ haircut.

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He also revealed he does not keep in touch with his exes often, and because he had received over 3,000 messages and thousands more comments on his social media posts, he hasn’t been in a position to tell if any of his exes and their friends or family had thrown shade at him over his public search for a wife.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

“I could say no, there is no shade but it is there in my inbox or comments and I could say yes, but it is not there. At the moment I cannot comment on that. I can’t even open my inbox right now because it is hanging,” explained Daddy Owen.

With the massive response his search for a kienyeji wife has been getting, Daddy Owen told Nairobi News that he would be open to doing a reality show contest where he would pick a wife and also show how Christian men go about picking a woman to marry.

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