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Exclusive: Daddy Owen thinking of a Christian reality show to find kienyeji wife

By Winnie Mabel November 3rd, 2022 3 min read

Kenyan gospel singer Daddy Owen, born Owen Mwatia, recently announced that he was looking to marry again, but this time, he was looking for a simple village girl, popularly referred to as kienyeji in local slang.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News on November 3, 2022, Daddy Owen revealed that he had received thousands of marriage propositions from women, and his social media inboxes were bursting at the seams with messages from them.

“The response so far has been crazy! I’ve gotten so many applications. I can say more than 3,000 because you can imagine my inbox on Instagram, on Facebook- like all of my social media platforms, I’ve been getting serious responses and then now there is the media who have been doing more on-air phone calls and recordings and they tell me they receive more than 400 calls of guys calling and asking for me,” Daddy Owen began.

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♬ original sound – dineo.szn

Among the 3,000 women applying to be his wife is a Kenyan politician but Daddy Owen vehemently refused to reveal her identity even when we asked from which part of the country she hailed from.

He further explained why he still preferred finding a kienyeji wife despite being warned on social media that such women were infamously known for leaving a partner once they knew the social scene and ropes of living and enjoying the city life.

“Hio ni kusema tu! No one has shown me a good example of such a thing happening. I told them I know about the type of woman I was talking about, so these people should show me one who was a kienyeji akaoga na akarudi soko (She dumped the man and immediately went back into dating).”

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♬ original sound – Owen Mwatia

“They should bring evidence that they had one, akamuosha na akamvuruga (She was given a makeover and later dumped the man),” added Daddy Owen.

Due to the high number of women expressing interest in being his wife on his social media DMs, Nairobi News asked Daddy Owen if he would ever consider participating in a reality contest show to find a wife among a bevy of women.

He said he would do it if the opportunity presented itself and revealed how he would select such a woman in such a contest.

“The first thing is I would want a woman with a ‘box’ haircut, ameshika handkerchief kwa mkono and does not put it down no matter what she is doing, I want somebody who is God-fearing and I want someone who dark skinned. At the moment, I’m into dark skinned ladies,” added Daddy Owen.

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niko singo 🤣

♬ Uwongo – Omuhley

Daddy Owen revealed that such a reality show – should it happen- would allow him to show how born-again people (men) pick a wife and not go there to do shenanigans, as is common with popular partner-finding reality shows across the world.

“At the end of the day, the Bible says, ‘Whoever finds a wife…’ so how do you find one? To find comes after searching. You have to search!

There is nowhere in the Bible that says God brings you the wife. Inakwanga wewe mwenyewe you have to go and find. There is nothing wrong with that (a reality TV show), and in fact, it would be a very good way to show people how to pick a woman as a Christian person,” said Daddy Owen.

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I call her NyaSakwa.. NyarOlielo!! My mum, she’s courageous, strong, loving, caring.. a teacher and my hero. I thank GOD for the perfect gift!! She’s the most important woman in my life!! She fought so hard for us, making sure we eat well, we go to school, we grow up with highest form of discipline! Shes one person I can feel her smile in her voice when we talk on phone😊 her joy always makes me happy 😊HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MADHEE 😊😍❤

♬ This Woman Is Blessed – Quezzy The CEO

He quickly revealed that he would name such a reality show, The King of Kienyeji, and he would no longer be the King of Kapungala.

On conflicting issues such as finding a suitable wife, but her religion did not allow her to be with a Christian man, Daddy Owen said such was left for personal discussions because religion is a personal belief and would also apply to conversations regarding having children.

He also reiterated that he did not want the TikTok kienyeji women but the real, genuine ones in the village.

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