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Exclusive: Daddy Owen – Why I will never support the LGBTQ community

For the past few days since the Supreme Court ruling allowing members of the LGBTQ community to register as NGOs, Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions on the matter.

One person who has been vocal on this debate is gospel singer Daddy Owen. If you have been keeping up with him on social media, then you are aware that the Vanity hitmaker is completely against the ruling.

In one of his post, he claims that the LGBTQ methodology is guided by a political agenda. According to the artiste, the fact that in scientific research there are no such findings in mammalian biology then the act is not natural.

“Through my research I have not found one proven fact that it is natural, it does not exist in mammalian biology! Its either you are male or female, let’s not interlace things. The agenda is based on preferences and feelings culminating to ‘rights’ rather than biological facts and reality. Your feelings do not define your reality, God does,” Daddy Owen said.

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He also questioned why Instagram had pulled down an earlier comment he made on the subject. Instagram had stated that Daddy Owen’s earlier post went against their community guidelines on hate speech or symbols.

“The LGBTQ community complain about freedom of speech yet they are so quick to pull down my post! Why ? If quoting the Bible to condemn a sin is referred as ‘hatred’ then they should know I will not stop quoting the Bible, it is the WORD OF GOD,” he said.

Daddy Owen also said the LGBTQ campaign shouldn’t be forced on Africans by the west.

“Sexual desires and preferences shouldn’t be forced down our throats! We rebuke it the same way the Bible condemns any other sin like wickedness, greed, envy, deceit etc. We don’t hate anyone, we hate the sin and we are calling out the sin. We are praying for them. The west colonised our great great grandfathers, history taught us that some resisted and some collaborated, we shall resist! They should be cautioned, this is new Africa, we shall not be colonised by sexual preferences and manipulation,” he said.

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Speaking to Nairobi News, Daddy Owen emphasized the need for parents to be cautious with their children who are falling victim to the community which has been glamorized.

“I am a parent, and when I hear about such things they really break my heart. I asked on my social media handles if there is a parent who supports LGBTQ and no one came forward. I do not think if there is any parent who would wish their kids to be gay. I have also come to realise that most of the initiation usually happens in high school,” he explained.

“A bandit will say that being a bandit is their livelihood, but does that make it right? It is not according to me, but the bible. The old and new testament are very clear about same sex intercourse. I have been accused of being controversial but so be it and I will not relent. If Jesus was not controversial going against everything that was wrong he probably never would have been crucified,” he said.

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