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Exclusive: Dad’s heartbreaking message to 35-years-old C’Zars, Ruto

Teenagers often find themselves at a crossroads where they make significant decisions that can impact their lives profoundly. In these moments, it can be challenging to grasp the reasoning behind their choices as they may prioritize immediate gratification or emotional impulses over long-term consequences.

This behavior is typical of adolescent development as they are navigating newfound independence and testing boundaries- and this can be very frustrating for adults to understand.

World over, this has been the case in millions of homes with teenagers and the same was witnessed in 2006 in Bamburi, Mombasa County in Kenya when a fast rising musical genius, C’Zars, born Abdulkarim Mohammed, left home on an afternoon walk and never returned. He was 17-years-old the last time he was seen.

In the ensuing months and years, many theories cropped up on what may have prompted the much beloved rough toned singer to disappear without a trace.

In previous interviews, his father, Mzee Abdul Makasi, was quoted hypothesizing that C’Zars could have left home because he was dealing with several issues including unprecedented pressure from fame and media attention on his studies as he was just about to sit his final national secondary school examinations, a broken promise by a relative to have him relocate to the United Kingdom for studies and music development, music industry sabotage in the coastal region and broken promises of record deals, Sh 100,000 cash prize and a trip to South Africa.

The real reason for his disappearance will only be known upon his return.

For 18 years, Mzee Makasi relentlessly searched for his son, spending over Sh 1.5 million in his determination to find his beloved child. He combed through every lead, pursued every rumor and refused to give up hope, clinging to the belief that one day, C’Zars would walk back into their Bamburi home from his afternoon walk. But after a time, spending money became less important and having strong faith in Allah that his son would return home took over.

“A time comes when you decide to leave it all to Allah. When you use so much money and you see it is running out, life begins changing. For now, we are just praying. We are using money too but not as much as before. You know, everything that happens is according to Allah’s will. Even now as we speak, it was Allah’s will that we talk. So many times, we say we are leaving it up to Allah. No matter how much money you use, if you have faith, you leave it up to Him because He is our creator and does as He pleases. Even how C’Zars is lost is not my wish or anyone else’s including his fans and the government. It is only that Allah has brought a test to our lives. We, therefore, know that one day, Allah will bring him back,” began Mzee Makasi.

In preparation for his return, Mzee Makasi registered all his property under C’Zars’ names, has been collecting royalties owed to C’Zars for his Amka Ukatike hit song and purchased a vehicle for his use. His son, he says, will start life afresh without any life worries. Right now, the intention is to replace the vehicle since the first one continues to be used by the family. He, however, refused to reveal the model of the vehicle he will purchase so that it can be a surprise for his son upon his return.

But before he re-appears, what would Mzee Makasi like to say to his son wherever he is?

“Wherever you are, know we still love you- your parents and your fans. Your fans are sad and everyday they call me asking me if you have been heard from. If you get this message, remember the love we have for you. We’d like for you to return home in good health, come back and entertain your fans who continue waiting for you,” said Mzee Makasi.

In addition to his heartbreaking but hopeful message to his son, Mzee Makasi also had a word for his fans, asking them to continue praying for C’Zars, and another message for President William Ruto.

“To the government. C’Zars disappeared during the late president Mwai Kibaki’s regime. During (former president Uhuru) Kenyatta’s time too- I sent messages to them. Now I send a message to President William Ruto. Please help up us. Two governments have come and gone but I believe that with him, if he looks into this case, we will be able to know what happened in this matter. If he choses to help us, he will have helped the entire country because everyone is looking forward to hearing from C’Zars today. This is my plea to our President,” concluded Mzee Makasi.

C’Zars turned 35-years-old on February 5, 2024.

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