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EXCLUSIVE: Details of Khaligraph Jones’ intimate dream wedding

Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph Jones, has revealed his plans to marry his partner Georgina Muteti in a garden located in their home.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Khaligraph expressed his desire to appreciate his wife by keeping the wedding private.

He explained, “Yes, I will do a wedding but it will be in my home garden. I am building a space where my wedding will take place. No invites and people might never see the photos.”

The rapper, also known as the Kenyan OG by his fans, has three children with Georgina; their eldest being Amali, followed by Baby Lu, and their third child born in July 2022.

He also has a child with rapper Cashy Karimi.

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Khaligraph Jones expressed that his family is his greatest motivation and support in everything he does, including his music.

“Even when I am not doing music, I am either doing something to make their lives better. They are my greatest support in everything that I do, including my music.”

In the interview, the rapper shared his opinion on men who celebrate their weddings. He stated that weddings are for women and would not make public announcements about his wedding day.

“I see some men shouting everywhere they are having a wedding; that is unacceptable. Weddings are for women; even if I do one, I will not post anything about it. Ni ya kuappreciate mama (It will be to appreciate my woman). Not because I am into it,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to reflect on a missed opportunity: Akothee’s wedding.

Khaligraph, who was invited by his friend Akothee, revealed that unavoidable circumstances kept him from attending the wedding.

“Akothee is my friend and she directly called me to attend her wedding but I had some other business on that day. She is amazing and I am glad she enjoyed her day. I did not have an outfit for Akothee’s wedding.”

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Nonetheless, he was thrilled that Akothee had a great time and jokingly mentioned that his outfit was unsuitable for the event, stating that he is just a “msee wa mjengo,” which means he is a man who works in construction.

Finally, the rapper shared his excitement about an upcoming project he has been working on for the past month.

Although he did not disclose many details, he promised his fans it would be significant, stating, “It could be music or about my building projects, just wait and see.”

He thanked his fans for the great support in his last jam “Kwame” which features the voice of Tanzanian and East African crooner, Harmonize.

Khaligraph Jones’ dream wedding sounds like an intimate affair that he wants to appreciate his partner.

We wish Khaligraph and Georgina all the best in their journey together.

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