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EXCLUSIVE: DJ Evolve’s dad reveals how much surgery to regain son’s voice cost

John Orinda, the father of DJ Evolve, born Felix Orinda, has spoken out about the successful surgery that helped his son regain his voice.

The surgery happened about a month ago, explained the DJ’s dad.

He adds that it took eight hours to complete the surgery on March 6, 2023.

For about three years, the popular entertainer could not speak and some of his body parts had become paralyzed.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mr Orinda said the surgery cost over Sh700,000 at one of the top hospitals in Nairobi.

“I think it was about Sh700,000. We are hopeful he will be fully okay.”

DJ Evolve, who has been bedridden for a while still can’t walk despite the surgery but the dad is optimistic that although there is still a long journey ahead, his son will overcome all that to live a normal life.

DJ Evolve’s dad had earlier explained that the doctor’s initial report indicated was never going to speak.

“We were not sure about him ever regaining his voice. A doctor had told us that he might never speak again. After the successful surgery, I am so happy and my family is at peace,” Mr Orinda explained in an earlier interview.

He added that he had been walking the painful journey of his son’s recovery step by step.

Orinda said seeing his son in ICU was the toughest season for them as a family but as a prayerful man of God, he left everything to Him and had strong faith that the surgery was going to be successful.

“God always communicates to me even when there are bad things about to happen.”

DJ Evolve has been forced through a number of surgeries to save his life since he was reportedly shot at an entertainment joint in Nairobi.

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