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Exclusive: DJ Mo and Size 8 Set to reveal their retirement mansion

Renowned celebrity couple Samuel Muraya, popularly known as DJ Mo, and his wife Size 8, are gearing up to unveil their retirement mansion in April.

The duo held a momentous groundbreaking ceremony on April 20, 2022, marking the commencement of their highly-anticipated home-building venture.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Size 8 shared exciting updates on the progress of their dream home.

“Our house looks really nice, and we can’t wait to show you guys. In a month’s time, we can reveal the house. It looks amazing, and we are on the finishing touches. We have seen the grace of God,” she said.

Size 8 also disclosed that despite the current substantial investment, they initially began the project with just sh250k.

“That was during Covid-19. We had just come out from a real deep pandemic. We had just finished paying for the land, and we were also building DJ Mo’s parents a house. We had spent so much money, but we took a step of faith and started small, and now we are almost there,” Size 8 shared.

Meanwhile, DJ Mo and Size 8’s reality series, ‘Love in the Wild,’ made its debut on TV47 on February 11.

The show airs every Sunday on TV47 at 8 PM.

When asked about managing the demands of filming the show alongside other responsibilities, Size 8 emphasized the importance of good time management and discipline.

“You have to have good time management and be disciplined. That is why you don’t find me everywhere. You have to push so much since I have other deals out there. I am also an evangelist with so many responsibilities in the church,” she explained.

Size 8 also shed light on the symbolic significance of the show’s title, ‘Love in the Wild.’

“The name ‘Love in the Wild’ symbolizes the challenges couples face in the wild, mirroring the trials and tribulations of modern relationships. Despite the adversities, love thrives just like creatures thrive in the wild,” she elaborated.

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