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EXCLUSIVE: Dr Ofweneke – Why I cannot MC my ex-girlfriend Nicah’s wedding

Gospel singer Veronica Wanja popularly known as Nicah the Queen and her lover, publicist DJ Slahver in 2022 said they were planning for their wedding.

The two have been dating for close to two years although they made their relationship public after a year.

Nicah’s ex-husband MC and comedian Dr Ofweneke recently bragged about being the highly paid MC after hosting Akothee’s royal wedding ceremony that took place on Monday at Windsor Hotel, Nairobi.

Speaking to Nairobi News, the talented MC described himself as a ‘celebrity MC’ revealing he had hosted in over 10 popular celebrity weddings in the country.

The statement prompted this writer to ask if he would also MC his ex-lover’s wedding.

Ofweneke smiled before he said, “Never” adding that it is for the sake of his marriage and his children.

Ofweneke is married to wife Christine Tenderess and the couple is blessed with children.

“I will not MC Nicah’s wedding because I am very much married which is something in the public and it will be disrespectful to my wife and I don’t think in any way that can be understood,” he stated.

The popular TV host went on to state that he does not also want to send a confusing message to his daughters with Nicah.

He said the sanity of his daughters is very important and the respect he has for his wife is great.

Ofweneke describes that it would be a weird moment that he would not want to be in.

“I am also very intimidating and I don’t see how the husband will be comfortable with me being around him. I come out very strong and it is a known factor that Ofweneke is a no-go zone,” he said.

He said despite that Nicah has another man, he remains the first father to her children.

“Nicah’s man is always going to be the other guy in my children’s life. He is the current man and I am not going back there. That is a part I am done with,” he said adding that he wished the best for her.

“I know if she is happy then my daughters are in a happy environment.”

Nicah and Dr. Ofweneke separated in 2016 citing irreconcilable differences.

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