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Exclusive: Embarambamba – Why I’m dressed in only a towel in my music video

The music video starts with Kisii singer Christopher Mosioma popularly known as Embarambamba standing half naked in a forest with only a white towel strapped around his waist.

He is not alone, a woman whom identifies herself as Lydia Ndude also adorns only a white towel. Embarambamba starts singing ‘Nataka Nikuingize’, the words if loosely translated have a dirty meaning.

As the song goes on, Embarambamba clarifies that he wants to recruit people to Jesus. He goes on to live to his full character of bizarre dances, jumping on trees.

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However, the language he uses on his music has been faulted of being vulgar especially for a gospel singer. But he says there is a reason to this.

“It might look suspiciaous when I sing ‘Nataka kukuibgiza’ to a woman but the message is I want to make her a disciple of Jesus. I have to use sweet words in my songs that is the reason why they are popular. For music if you do not do something unique it will not sell. There is a meaning to everything I do. When I roll in the mud and tear my clothes it means that I am tearing my earthly clothes that carry my weaknesses and putting on the robe of Jesus,” Embarambamba said.

Despite what people think he says he is not crazy. In fact being different has enabled him to depend on his music to take care of his family.

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“I thought about wearing a suit with a tie but then how would I be different from the rest, who wear suits, hence the towel,” he explained.

Either he says he is looking for more video vixen to include in the music video. Embarambamba has not yet released the song but a snippet of it was shared by a netizen on social media.

“I am looking for video vixen to feature in the music video this is the first time I will have women in my song, the others I have always shot them alone. My family understands me and know that what I do is where we get our daily bread,” he said.

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