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Exclusive – Eric Omondi comes down hard on Jua Cali for dissing Njugush

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi has been sucked into the debate over rapper Jua Cali’s recent comments about comedian Njugush and the stand-up comedy industry.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Omondi expressed his disappointment with Jua Cali’s remarks and called for an apology to be extended not only to Njugush but also to the entire comedy industry.

“He (Jua Cali)  needs to apologize to the industry, Njugush and Eric Omondi as the president of comedy. He should take at least 100 days so that we can forgive him,” Omondi stated, urging Jua Cali to take responsibility for his words.

Njugush, widely recognized for his comedic prowess, has made significant strides in the industry.

Omondi has termed Jua Cali’s remarks as unwarranted, saying everyone has off days in their professional lives.

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“The timing of his comments is suspect. If Jua Cali had tweeted about Njugush’s other successful shows, nobody would have taken issue with it. But instead, he chose to bring him down in a malicious manner,” Omondi said.

The comedian also criticized established artistes for targeting younger talents in an attempt to regain relevance.

“It will not change the fact that they are no longer relevant in the music industry. He would have criticized in a friendly way, but it backfired on him,” Omondi said, while also commending Njugush for involving his wife in his shows.

“We don’t expect to see our elders trolling us and bringing us down. It is like fighting your children and telling them they can’t succeed in life. The child is more hurt when it comes from a parent,” he said.

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The exchange began when Jua Cali responded to several posts, where he shared his perspective on Njugush’s comedic abilities, suggesting that he lacks humour altogether.

One post stated that Njugush excels in skits but falls short in stand-up comedy. While acknowledging their friendship, Jua Cali remarked:

”Njugush is my guy, but comedy is not his forte. He simply isn’t funny! When it comes to skits, though, Njugush is exceptional. But in terms of stand-up, no.”

Jua Cali has since apologized to Njugush and his fans.

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