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EXCLUSIVE: Eric Omondi evades queries on child support after flaunting cash online

Comedian Eric Omondi has chosen to remain tight-lipped about his current relationship with his baby mama, Jacque Maribe.

Speculation and curiosity have surrounded the dynamics between the two, but Eric has steered clear off addressing the topic.

On Thursday, Jacque made a cryptic comment in response to a post she was tagged in, following Eric’s display of wealth by flaunting cash.

On social media, a fan directly asked Jacque about whether the comedian had begun paying child support to their son.

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In a comment, she wrote: “Jacque, huyu jamaa alianza kulipa child support ama tumfanyie ile kitu?” (Jacque, has this guy started paying child support, or should we do something about it?)

Jacque, who in the past has accused Eric of being a deadbeat dad, swiftly responded by saying she no longer requires any support from Eric while emphasizing her current marital status.

“I am okay. Why do you think I would need that? I am Mrs K. That is all. I do not have a problem with child support,” she said.

During an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the comedian also responded to queries over the subject.

When asked about Jacque’s comment he posed: “Jacque has returned to that story again?”

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He went on to mention that Jacque had not requested his assistance.

“She had not asked for help from me,” he said.

Regarding child support, Eric redirected the inquiry to Jacque, stating that she is better positioned to provide clarity on the matter.

“I will not discuss it because Jacque has not stated that I am not paying child support. She mentioned that she does not need it, and I understand what she means,” he said.

When questioned about the last time he saw his son with Jacque, the comedian referred to a previous social media post where he had addressed the matter in detail, indicating that it contained the information sought.

As for whether Eric is aware of Jacque moving on, he revealed that he has been following her updates on social media, where she is referred to as “Mrs. K.” Eric refrained from further elaboration on the subject.

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