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Exclusive: Eric Omondi on why he has been labeled a clout-chaser

Comedian Eric Omondi who has thrived in the entertainment industry as a comedian with no limits has come out to defend himself over claims that he is one of the biggest clout-chasing acts in the industry. 

The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News attested to being put on the spot far too many times in the name of chasing clout, yet he is just truthful when airing out his opinions. 

“What is the meaning of clout? You know the things I talk about are true. Is it true that Tanzanian and Nigerian music is ahead of us? Is it true that they are here every weekend? So where’s the clout? People say it’s clout because the things I say very few can say,” said Omondi.

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Like him or hate him, the comedian has been at the forefront of advocating, his controversial views notwithstanding.

Giving one of many reasons why the entertainment industry is doing poorly in the country, Omondi pointed out that several artistes are seeking to join politics which will only negatively impact an already struggling industry. 

“The state of our entertainment industry is very bad. Our music, our comedy, so I feel like instead of them staying in and helping us build it they are looking for shortcuts. Musicians are not politicians. Have you ever heard of Uhuru (Kenyatta) going to the studio to record music,” the comedian said.

While citing the example comedian turned-politician Jalang’o, who is now the Member of Parliament for Langata Constituency, Omondi said that some artistes are exceptional.

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“In Kenya, everyone plays a very vital role so artistes must not join politics. There are only a few like Jalang’o who we need in politics to push our agenda. The rest should just go to the studio and record,” he said.

On whether he has any interests in joining politics, the father of one said he does not plan on joining active politics adding that artistes are allowed to take part in the game in other ways that don’t include them neglecting their talents.

“No, I have no plans of joining politics. Artistes can be involved in politics by endorsing or participating in campaigns but they cannot be politicians. 

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