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Exclusive: Eunice Njeri’s ex-husband Izzo Bukasa is a sex offender

By Amina Wako August 31st, 2022 3 min read

Days after Kenyan rapper Isaac Bukasa alias Izzo publicly shared his marriage certificate it emerged he’s a sex offender in the state of Texas.

“God restores the broken-hearted and makes them whole again,” Izzo captioned a picture of himself and his wife holding a marriage certificate.

Irene Njeri Kaberere, his alleged ex-wife has distanced herself from Izzo and even deactivated her social media accounts.

In 2016, Gospel singer Eunice Njeri tied the knot with Izzo in Texas, USA but annulled the marriage shortly after, as ‘her heart was elsewhere’.

In the entertainment industry in Kenya Izzo was known as Isaac Bukasa as his real name however the marriage certificate indicated his name was Ado Kapita Bukasa.

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Ugly past emerges

A quick search on google shows he is on a sex offender list in the state of Texas.

In August 2020, Izzo was among the 15 people who were arrested for online solicitation of minor charges following a child trafficking investigation involving multiple agencies.

Izzo is currently listed on the government run Texas Department of Public Safety website of sex offenders.

Izzo – real names Ado Kapita Bukasa on the sex offender registry

According to the information on the site, Bukasa alias Isaac will be under probation and community supervision for the next 20 years (2042). He is also supposed to report to the probation officer annually.

His picture first appeared on the site on 21/10/2013 a few years after he left Kenya. He was 22-year-old then.  

“The registry contains information as reported by the law enforcement agency that served as the offender’s last Texas registration authority. 

Registrants who leave the state will have their last reported state/country of intended residence reflected in the address portion of their record. 

Registration information will remain on the website until the duty to register has expired or other relief allowed by statute is granted. (Art. 62.101 and 62.251 Tx CCP),” the website read in part.

Also, they have indicated his risk level is low meaning the person poses a low danger to the community and will not likely engage in criminal sexual conduct.

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How Izzo got on the sex offender registry

As for what constitutes the crime of online solicitation of a minor, under Texas law, an adult commits the offence by deliberately communicating in a sexually explicit way with a minor or by distributing sexually explicit material to a minor via the Internet or electronic messaging service, such as through texts.

While a registered sex offender may never re-offend, the consequences of the conviction and registry may follow him or her forever. 

States don’t prohibit registered sex offenders from obtaining a marriage license — even current prisoners can get married — but their married life may be impacted by the registry specifically, and probation conditions generally.

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Izzo – real names Ado Kapita Bukasa

Effects of being posted on the sex offender registry

Federal law requires convicted sex offenders to register with state authorities and update registration at specified intervals, the duration of which depends on the severity of the offence. 

Any failure to register or renew could send a sex offender back to prison. Also, depending on the state and the level of the offence, information about a sex offender may be published or otherwise be made available to the public.

Along with the normal probation or parole reporting requirements and behavioural restrictions, registered sex offenders may have limitations placed on where they can live, both with groups of children like schools or recreation centres and concerning specific children in a home. 

These residency restrictions can affect the decision to marry or the marriage relationship.

If you have been following Izzo on his social media, the artist joined the US Army in 

The Ministry of Defence has admitted that sex offenders who are not jailed can serve in the armed forces.

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