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EXCLUSIVE: Evelyne Wanjiru’s hubby sets the record straight about pregnancy

Gospel singer Evelyne Wanjiru’s husband Agunda Bweni has addressed rumours about the couple’s second pregnancy that have been doing rounds on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the father of one said the pressure is real but they are not expecting a second child.

“I have seen those stories online but I am here to confirm to you and our fans that we are not yet there. We are not pregnant but the pressure is too much,” Agunda said.

He said at the moment they are happily raising their first child Mshindi who is turning one year old soon.

“Mshindi is still not complaining that he is lonely and so, pole pole tu. Those are good prayers from our fans and so, keep praying for us,” he said.

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The pregnancy rumours went viral after a video of Evelyne leading a praise of worship session at a Kesha on Friday night was shared by content creator Kabi WaJesus.

In the video, Evelyne wore an African dress and a see-me-through kimono. The post prompted a flurry of congratulatory messages to Evelyne.

The couple waited for 10 years for their first child who was born last.

While announcing the good news of her pregnancy, Evelyn praised her husband for having stayed with her for 10 years, even when she couldn’t conceive.

“In the labour ward, he was there. He was the one who saw the baby before I did. I thank him for sticking with me,” she said.

“He has always been there, he has always protected me. He is an African man and could have gotten other options. For him to stay with me all these years, that is a very patient man, and for that, I honour him.”

Agunda told Nairobi News that it is a good feeling to be a dad and “a good experience that comes with unexplainable joy.”

“Seeing my son grow every day makes me so happy, he is a very handsome boy. He looks just like both of us,” he said.

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He said in 10 years, he was optimistic and believed that one day God would make his wife and me parents.

“I never doubted God on this.”

Agunda recounted his wife’s cravings during pregnancy, which he said were many.

“I remember one day she saw someone had posted mangoes from Kitui on social media, so she asked me to order some from Kitui, which I did,” he said.

Evelyne discovered that she was pregnant while on a music trip to the US.

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