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Exclusive: From singing to saving souls: Why Size 8 started a church

Two months ago, Kenyan gospel singer and preacher Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8 Reborn, launched her church, Christ Revealed Ministries.

The singer left the secular music industry after her salvation in April 2013, rebranding from Size 8 to Size 8 Reborn.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Size 8 revealed that not everyone is happy about her progress.

She said people are allowed to speak anything against anyone opening a church right now, given the drama and scandals that have unfolded in some churches.

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Size 8 awith a congregant. PHOTO| COURTESY

“You find people losing hope and trust in those churches. But I want to assure them that not everyone is the same. I do not blame them when they bash people,” she said.

However, she is determined to do things differently and wants to reassure people that not everyone is the same.

“Some people still love God and preach because it is a calling. I have been running away from this call and agreed after 10 years,” she said.

She knew she was called for something more than music the moment she got saved, but she was running away from it.

“After being up and down [in the secular and gospel music], I am now serving God. With time, they [critics] will understand that we are different in how we do our things,” she added.

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Here is a video of Size 8 cleaning the floors of her new church.


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Size 8 emphasized that growth was the main reason for launching her church, which currently has over 8,000 members, both online and those who attend her services physically.

“People have different reasons why they quit churches. Sometimes, we outgrow the church we are in. Just like Jesus who had the 12 disciples, He later sent them out to go and begin their ministry,” she explained.

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The singer also mentioned that her husband, DJ Mo, was her greatest supporter and had seen the passion, seriousness, and lives that she has impacted.

“When I started, he was like, form ni gani? He has seen the passion, the seriousness and the lives that have been impacted through me,” she said.

She was ordained as a pastor in December 2021 and had previously served under various men of God, who taught her more about being bold at the altar.

Size 8 believes that her church will make a difference and that people will understand that they are different in how they do things. Her message is one of hope and a new beginning for those who have lost trust in some churches.

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