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EXCLUSIVE: Ghetto president Gaucho asks Ruto to reshuffle his Cabinet

By Winnie Onyando November 12th, 2023 2 min read

Self-proclaimed Bunge la Mwananchi president Gaucho, born Calvince Okoth, says the blame for the high cost of living should be directed at President William Ruto’s doorstep.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Gaucho who also is a politician accused the Head of State of selecting his friends to sit in his Cabinet, instead of banking on professionals for such a responsibility.

He called upon the Head of State to reshuffle his Cabinet to stand a chance of overseeing better fortunes.

“The crisis we are seeing in the country including the rising cost of living was contributed by the unprofessional Cabinet Secretaries. The Head of State should reshuffle his Cabinet for better decision-making,” said Gaucho.

“If we had professionals in the Cabinet, then some of the mistakes we are seeing in the country today would have not happened,” Gaucho added.

In October 2023, Ruto reshuffled eight members of his cabinet, including directing the Foreign Affairs docket to the Prime Cabinet Secretary’s office which is headed by Musalia Mudavadi.

Mudavadi now doubles as Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary after Alfred Mutua was moved to the Tourism and Wildlife docket.

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria was meanwhile moved to Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management.

Before the reshuffle, Ruto publicly lambasted his Cabinet and accused some of them of being clueless in matters concerning their portfolios.

“You know there’s a problem when I know what’s going on in the tour schedules better than you do,” he said.

There have been complaints from Kenyans on X about some of Ruto’s Cabinet members with some saying that some of the leaders are incompetent.

Among those that have been consistently attacked in this regard are Kuria, Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba, Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum), and David Ndii who is the Economic Advisor to the President.

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