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Exclusive: How comedian Mulamwah empowered youth in his village

Popular comedian Kedrick Mulamwah has explained his decision to construct a lavish retirement mansion in his rural village, citing his deep connection to the countryside and his desire to retire there.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mulamwah spoke about his plans for the future.

“My mansion in my village is almost complete; I just haven’t decided to reveal the final product yet. I purchased the land from the earnings I get from online gigs.

I have taken my fans on the journey of building the house just to inspire them. Additionally, I’ve invested in over 30 motorbikes to uplift the lives of my village friends. I want to be the catalyst for change in their lives,” he said.

The comedian emphasized the importance of maximizing time in the village.

“Art is not predictable, and you can never be at the top forever,” he advised.

Mulamwah disclosed that he has allocated approximately Sh11 million towards the project thus far and expects to spend a total of Sh15 million to complete it.

The mansion boasts five bedrooms and numerous amenities.

“Maximise your time in the village and just know, that art is not predictable and you can never be green forever. I have spent like Sh 11 million but it will cost like, Sh 15 million to complete it. It is a five-bedroom mansion with so many amenities. I have been spending about sh500k per month for like two years now to build the house.”

Mulamwah’s vision extends beyond personal success; he aims to uplift other youths through his endeavors.

“I bought a lot of motorbikes back home, over 30 of them to change the lives of my friends in the village. I have a manager and that is part of how I am supporting them. The aim is to keep employing them.  I want to be the person who changed their lives.,” he said.

He cautioned on the unpredictability of the entertainment industry saying it requires careful planning for the future.

“Art is special, and upcoming creators should remember they possess unique talents. Determine your end goal—whether it’s fame, success, or helping others. I sought to transform my life and that of my family. I have invested enough and the only thing remaining is buying a car, once I acquire a car, I can decide to retire from social media and pursue other passions,” he explained.

Regarding his prospects in 2024, Mulamwah expressed optimism, noting a resurgence in demand for his services compared to the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The year has commenced on a positive note, with clients reaching out for collaborations. I have upcoming TV appearances and a show in the pipeline. Above all, the highlight of the year is my child,” he shared enthusiastically.

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