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EXCLUSIVE: How Covid-19 lockdown made a TikTok star out of Patrick Obayi

Content creator Patrick Obayi aka Mama Akoth has revealed that he started making content for social media during the lockdown period.

He says he started acting at a young age and that he acted in many set books for high school students, with his passion for acting growing steadily.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Obayi says that he paused acting when he joined the corporate world and only made a comeback when he quit his job.

“The corporate world takes up a huge chunk of your time and you are only working to promote the company and chase the bag,” he said.

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When he quit his HR job in May 2019 and Covid-19 hit the country in March, the lockdown was a blessing in disguise for him as it provided an avenue for him to be busy.

“I could not provide catering services and a lot of the outdoor activities I used to door. Creating content became my escape from boredom,” he said.

Originally, Obayi used to share his videos on other social media platforms, except TikTok. A neighbour shared the TikTok application, but Obayi was not so keen on joining the platform thinking it was only for teenagers.

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“When he saw I was adamant about being on TikTok, he requested my phone and downloaded the application. That night I watched some videos on the app and I was intrigued,” he recounted.

Piqued by other TikTokers’ content on the platform, Obayi began posting videos there as well, marking the beginning of him becoming a TikToker.

Initially, he did not post his own videos. He started off by lip-synching a South African comedian, but mastering the lines proved a tedious task.

“It took me three to four hours to coherently master the lines and that is when I branched into my own space, doing my own content,” he said.

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