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EXCLUSIVE: How I met my ‘baby mama’ Aicy Stevens – Nick Kwach

By Wangu Kanuri February 12th, 2023 2 min read

Content creator-cum-TV host Nick Kwach has shared details of how he met his ‘baby mama’ Aicy Stevens. When they first met in 2016,  Kwach has revealed that Aicy was doing her Bedsitter Chronicles.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Kwach, who had in the past watched Aicy’s skits and given his feedback, said they met up again in one of their creatives’ gigs months later.

Aicy would then tell him that she wanted to start another skit on the side aside from the Bedsitter Chronicles.

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“After doing the skits on relationships for like two years, we were not as active as we were in it, just shooting when we had time and posting on our socials,” he said.

However, he noted that the baby mama drama was not their first viral video.

“The first video was a concept on dating. Then we did another on when you date a Luo man, with the two skits receiving attention on social media,” he said

The acting duo will then take some time off from content creation for some months at the start of January last year.

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Kwach said their inspiration comes from observing other people’s lives, adding that when they came back to shooting, the baby mama concept was the first.

“When we did the first video and posted on social media, some people thought it was a real-life scenario where we were airing our dirty linen in public,” he said.

Falling into the narrative of co-parenting being hard, Kwach said the clip addressed the societal issue with it garnering a lot of reactions.

Aicy Steven and Nick Kwach
Aicy Steven and Nick Kwach. PHOTO | COURTESY


“Our inspiration for the subsequent videos has been from our audience and people we interact with on a daily who open up about their struggles of co-parenting. Disclaimer we often ask for permission before acting it out,” he said.

On the flip side, Kwach said there are other men who get to appreciate their baby mama for not serving them with drama.

“There are some of our audience who share the clips with their baby daddy or mama so that they can check in the ‘mirror’ and reflect on how they act.”

However, Kwach said they had not envisioned the baby mama skits going on for quite some time but the more feedback they received, they kept doing the stories.

With the aim of having their videos sharable, Kwach explained that they made their videos short and sweet being guided by social media timelines.

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Additionally, he said angry people do not argue for long hence the short videos. However, Kwach said after they close House of Drama, the baby mama drama series will come to an end.

Having also had a fair share of negative comments, Kwach said since Aicy’s character is always the dramatic one, someone promised her a beating.

“There are people who get triggered by the content. Either you are that person who is portrayed it is really triggering you or you are on the receiving end,” he said.

Additionally, Kwach said another backlash the duo has received is that other baby daddies are also dramatic.

“There are so many baby daddies who are dramatic and oppress the baby mama in co-parenting asking for sexual favours and wanting to have a relationship with the baby mama minus the child.”

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