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Exclusive: How videographer was drugged and robbed inside Thika Airbnb

July 29, 2023 started like any other day for Mr Henry Ng’ang’a Maina. But unknown to the videographer, one phone call would suddenly jolt the tranquility in his life.

The female caller, who identified herself as Ms Margaret Wangui Kibathi, asked for his services at a birthday party that she said would be taking place within Landless area in Thika, Kiambu County.

“After I arrived in Jomoko area, she told me that I should go to a building known as Classic located within Ngoingwa, where the host family resides. When I arrived there she was the one who ushered me and I also noticed that she was not a stranger to me,” Mr Maina narrated in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

Once they entered the house, the so-called Ms Wangui was in the company of another woman who was busy in the kitchen making tea but didn’t introduced herself.

Ms Wangui requested the videographer to wait for her husband to arrive before they could proceed to where the birthday party would take place.

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“I was served tea and after I took two sips I started feeling weak. My joints also became very weak. I cannot tell how I fell asleep,” Mr Maina recounted.

When he eventually regained consciousness, he says he saw the woman making away with his bag. However, he was too weak to move and was still very dizzy and sleepy.

Inside Mr Maina’s bag was a Cannon 80d camera,18-135 camera lens, a Techno Spark 8p cellphon, batteries, charger, memory cards and other job-related materials.

“The other woman also left and I was left all alone in the house. Moments later, a man walked into the house and found me,” he said.

The man introduced himself as the caretaker of the building and that the house was an Airbnb which had been hired for a period of two days.

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The caretaker advised Mr Maina to seek medical attention and then report the incident to the police.

The matter was reported at Thika Police Station and recorded under Occurrence Book (OB) number 114/29/6/2023.

Ms Wangui was captured by a CCTV camera dressed in a blue sweater, a black cap and black pants as she was leaving the apartment, while carrying a black bag.

Nairobi News is in possession of the images which cannot be shared due to legal reasons.

Police in Thika have said they are following leads in their efforts to arrest the suspect whom they have established hails from Gatundu South.

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