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Exclusive: How young entrepreneur thrives by selling chicken, smokies and roasted prime cuts

In one of Kisumu’s bustling slums, we encounter Zick Onyango, a youthful entrepreneur who is earning his daily bread through a unique venture.

He satisfies his customers’ cravings with special roasted chicken cuts as well as “smokies” made from chicken meat, and eggs.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Onyango reveals that when he lost his job, a few years ago, uncertainty clouded his future, especially as a family man bearing significant responsibilities.

At 31, Onyango, like many ambitious youths, found himself compelled to hit the streets in search of means to support his family.

He delved into the world of fast-food vending, deeming the sale of sausages and smokies as his avenue of choice.

However, he soon realized that the income from this endeavor fell short of his expectations, with a mere profit of Sh150 per day.

Profit, though, constitutes the surplus in business after factoring in expenses such as restocking inventory and covering labor costs.

The question of whether a profit of Sh150 could adequately cater to his family’s basic needs lingered in Onyango’s mind.

Determined to find a solution, early in 2023, he stumbled upon the Chicken Basket Ltd project, dubbed Choma Preneurship, designed to empower young entrepreneurs in Kisumu.

This initiative specifically targets youths involved in the sale of food products, including smokies, chicken’s meat, and eggs.

Abisai Nandi, the company’s founder, explains, “We equip them with specialized grilling tools, tongs, and aprons, offering the products they sell at discounted rates”.

Tongs, essential for handling and lifting objects, enhance efficiency in food preparation.

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Chicken Basket Ltd provides high-demand food products like specialized chicken cuts, eggs, and chicken smokies at reduced prices.

Operating as a poultry farming enterprise, Chicken Basket Ltd extends its Choma Preneurship program across Kisumu, Siaya, Kakamega, and Vihiga, bolstering young entrepreneurs in the food vending sector.

Convinced of the project’s potential, Onyango joined in April 2023, investing Sh2, 500 to acquire essential equipment, eggs, a packet of smokies, and special charcoal briquettes.

A year later, situated in Kibos, Kisumu County, Onyango finds himself thriving.

His business focuses on quality chicken cuts, “smokies,” and eggs, complemented with a side salad.

Offering prices ranging from Sh30 to Sh200, he sees a minimum daily profit of Sh800, with aspirations for further expansion.

Additionally, he includes bread among his offerings.

“As I aim to set the bar higher, I am now happy that I can cater to my family’s needs, and I am looking forward to expanding my business,” he states

The Choma Preneurship program serves over 50 youths, exemplifying the impact of initiatives supporting young entrepreneurs in Kisumu and beyond.