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EXCLUSIVE: I am not a socialite yet, but I will be in the future – Pritty Vishy

Kenyan content creator Pritty Vishy has hinted at a dramatic career change during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

The social media star, known for her quirky content and vibrant personality, dropped a bombshell with the statement: “I am not a socialite, at least not at the moment. Right now I am more of a content creator. I do not mind being a socialite in the future though. For now, I am just a content creator.”

While Pritty Vishy has built a substantial following as a content creator, her recent comment has ignited curiosity about her potential transition into the world of socialites.

Known for her eye-catching fashion, voluptuous body, and glamorous photos, she certainly has some of the ingredients that define a socialite.

If Pritty Vishy were to become a full-on socialite, she would join the ranks of Kenyan celebrities who have successfully ventured into this glamorous sphere, often seen as the epitome of high society and luxury living like Vera Sidika and Amber Ray.

Just recently, Pritty Vishy reunited with her mother after years apart, in a tearful yet joyful moment.

The personality, famed for her failed relationship with singer Stivo Simple Boy picked up her mother from the airport in the company of her younger sister, friends, and family members.

In a clip shared on her Instagram page, Vishy was captured running before embracing her mum with a warm hug. She then sobbed as her mom consoled her and wiped her tears.

She revealed that her mother left the country when she was 17 years and at the time she was in Form 2.

“My mum left when I was in form 2….it was hard since I had never been away from her….and finally she’s baaaaack, God thank you so much. I am grateful,” she wrote.

On another note, the content creator, in a conversation with her mother via her YouTube channel revealed that she is looking for a financially stable man who can provide for her.

She said she would not want not to repeat the same mistakes she observed in her mother’s choice of a less financially secure husband.

Vishy’s remarks raised questions about what she could bring to a relationship as a wife. Although she admitted to having limited material wealth, she insisted that her role as a woman and mother was a substantial contribution to a relationship. “I know am a hardworking woman, but me being your wife and giving birth is enough. If you are not a happy provider who will give me and our kids a happy life, then I am out,” she shared.

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